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Holiday Wishes

We hope that all families enjoy the time with their children and make the most of not being rushed or having to work around the school routine.  Teachers and children alike are looking forward to the opportunities to have a break and do some things of interest with their families.

Footy Colours Day

IMG 6020
IMG 6026
IMG 6037
IMG 6045
IMG 6055
IMG 6066
IMG 6077
IMG 6078
IMG 6079
IMG 6090
IMG 6103

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Enrolment Reminder

Please remind anyone that you know, that may be wishing to enrol a Foundation/Prep student in 2017, to hand in their enrolment form at the office before the Term break if possible.  We will be working on staffing allocations early next Term and need firm numbers.

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Swan Hill and Roses Gap Camps

Thank you to all the staff and the parents (Mr. Cody and Mr. Gordon) that accompanied the children on each camp this year. Without the support of parents the cost of such camps would be prohibitive and we would not be able to meet the student to adult ratio with the appropriate gender mix.  It also allows for groups on camp to be of a reasonable size. We hope to share some camp photographs with you early next Term.

Photos by Mr Thompson

IMG 0816
IMG 0822
IMG 0825
IMG 0826
IMG 0835
IMG 0844
IMG 0861
IMG 0863
IMG 0880
IMG 0900
IMG 0912
IMG 0939
IMG 0944
IMG 0967
IMG 0975
IMG 0987
IMG 0989
IMG 0990
IMG 1024

Photos by Miss Scholz

20160908 091903
20160908 094121
20160908 094739
IMG 2011
IMG 2013
IMG 2014
IMG 2016
IMG 2019
IMG 2020
IMG 2036
IMG 2051
IMG 2068
IMG 2077
IMG 2078
IMG 2082
IMG 2089
IMG 2090
IMG 2103
IMG 2112
IMG 2114
IMG 2117
IMG 2141
IMG 2161
IMG 2165
IMG 2179

Photos by Mrs Cornwall

DSC 0003
DSC 0006
DSC 0014
DSC 0015
DSC 0029
DSC 0033
DSC 0035
DSC 0038
DSC 0040
DSC 0041
DSC 0043
DSC 0061
DSC 0064
DSC 0082
DSC 0084
DSC 0095
DSC 0100
DSC 0130
DSC 0139
DSC 0142
DSC 0146
DSC 0149
DSC 0152
DSC 0166
DSC 0174

Photos by Mr Cody

IMG 0696
IMG 0709
IMG 0721
IMG 0725
IMG 0728
IMG 0733
IMG 0751
IMG 0759
IMG 0763
IMG 0769
IMG 0771
IMG 0781
IMG 0785
IMG 0787
IMG 0790
IMG 0792
IMG 0805
IMG 0815
IMG 0820


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Perry Sandhill Excursion

On Monday, Yr. 5/6 students visited Perry Sand Hills, just outside Wentworth, as a culmination to their inquiry unit ‘Desert Survivors’. Mr. Baker, Mr. Pettit, Miss Barnes, Mr. Beer and Mr. McInerney accompanied the students. All students were briefed about the historical significance of the area and had further discussions regarding the specific adaptations of particular flora and fauna species. Mr. Baker and Mr. Beer cooked a tasty barbeque lunch for all to enjoy and all students (and Mr. Pettit and Miss Barnes) had a great time sliding down the dunes. Perry Sand Hills really is such an interesting and fun place to visit.


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Classroom Helpers and Excursion Helpers

Thank to everyone who has come into the school to assist with Reading in Term 3.  Another big group of parents have assisted with transport and some have joined in on short and longer excursions as additional supporters. Some of the more notable ones have been the Swan Hill Camp (last week) and Roses Gap Camp (this week).  The school community support we get to undertake such excursions is greatly appreciated. 

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Nightly Reading

Congratulations to the many children that have exceeded 150 nights reading this year.  We cannot make children read at home and we cannot force parents to assist, but as a general rule we all make time to do what we think is ‘important’ or ‘enjoyable’.  Some children might make use of the coming holidays with parent help to borrow free books from the town library.  Children that read regularly generally do much better at school overall.  What is sometimes forgotten is the amazing help that good reading skills give to success in Mathematics.  

Family times are precious and sitting next to a child and reading to them is something that passes all too quickly as they grow up.  It is also a very effective way to develop the marvellous visualisation skills that children can use for improved comprehension. 

Children from birth to around 12 years of age can be read to with significant enjoyment being gained by the parent as well as the children.

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