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Year 6 Graduation

A very special night for Year 6 children was held on Thursday evening.  Some have said goodbye to their school, friends and teachers after seven years of attendance whereas others have come to us more recently.  The presentation ceremony was followed by a dinner then a disco.  We hope all parents and friends enjoyed the evening.  Most of all we hope it will be a special memory for the Year 6 children and their teachers.  We are very proud of them as their parents no doubt are as well.  We know many have had additional challenges at home and at school and they have been supported all the way to reach their Graduation by a team of caring people.  One person in particular has been Mrs Muller in her Wellbeing role.  We wish nothing but the best for all of our Year 6 graduates.  Our Year 6 students will be heading into the years that will prepare them to enter the workforce.  Every day at school is important!


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Christmas Gifts to the Wishing Tree at Target

Thank you to all the parents and staff that donated towards the Christmas tree gifts for needy families at Target. Approximately $300 was raised through student and staff donations.  School Captains assisted Mr Beer and Mrs Muller to purchase the items for this year.

xmas shopping

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School Magazine Sales

Sales have been excellent for our beautiful School Magazine which is a summary of our 2016 year.  Thank you to everyone that purchased one and thank you to the sponsors that bought space in the magazine.  We hope the sponsors are pleased with the professional look of the magazine and hope that parents will support our sponsors wherever possible.  Without our terrific sponsors each year the magazine could cost over $20 per copy. Having it located for free at major places around town such as Doctor’s rooms also gives our sponsors a wider coverage for their generous support.  Enjoy reading the chronicle of our 2016 year at Irymple Primary School.

2016 school magazine
Flower studio
Lime Ave Radiology
irymple canvas

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Class lists for Preps will be sent out by mail with other relevant information for the beginning of the 2017 Prep year.  The three classes are now finalised and we very much look forward to their start in January.  This is a very special time in the lives of these children.  We love welcoming the new children to our school.

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Final Comments for 2016

Once again it has been a privilege to be the Principal of a school which has such depth and diversity to its educational, community and extracurricular activities.  The staff and parents have supported the school and operated as a caring and supportive team with all the best interests of the children at heart.

Congratulations and thank you to the Year 6 Captains and Vice Captains who have so ably led the school.  They have represented us at school functions and have led our assemblies each fortnight. They were major contributors to the Year 6 Graduation Ceremony this week.

Thank you to the very hard working, enthusiastic and talented teaching staff for their dedication to all the tasks that are involved in being a great teacher at Irymple Primary School.  Like the students we strive to improve every year. 

We live in an age where the scrutiny of service providers generally is widespread and open to positive and negative feedback in the public domain.  We must never lose the humble ability to praise and thank those who each year places a new piece in the puzzle to create the next generation of citizens in our society.  It is always easy to criticise from afar, but it takes a loving and dedicated parent to think of all possibilities and then to talk directly to someone who can assist them.  We have on the whole, amazing support from our parents and working as a team and getting to the bottom of concerns is our priority and ongoing commitment.  

The Parents’ Club have had a wonderful year raising much needed funds to supplement the schools’ budget.  In addition to this they have tirelessly worked to organise and run a Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day stall, special lunches and the School Christmas Concert.  The members all support the canteen regularly and spend a substantial time raising funds for all the students in this school. They are a small, but  organised team and a pleasure to work with for the benefit of our children.

Once again I would like to say a special thank you to Mr Garry Beer for his leadership and support throughout the year. In addition to this I would like to offer my thanks to the School ’Leadership Team’ 

including Miss Jess Melsen, Mrs Alice Baird and Mr Shaun McInerney.  Their contribution to their 

teaching and learning teams has been outstanding.  The members of the team represent their teams with professionalism and lead by example.

We have had a wonderful 2016 and the students have demonstrated outstanding knowledge and skills across the school. We have completed our School Review and written the 2017 – 2020 Strategic Plan in readiness for the next four years of our work.  

We wish all those families moving with work and relocations all the very best and know that they will take many memories of this school with them whether through learning, friendships or strong school values.  We will welcome many new families to our school in 2017 and look forward to all they may contribute to our highly regarded school.

On behalf of all the staff at Irymple Primary School I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Fond Farewell to Teachers

As the year draws to an end we are sad to say goodbye to several staff members.  

Ms Lowe is leaving after completing a 6 week Long Service Leave replacement for Mrs Cornwall.  The Room 14 children loved having her in the classroom and we thank her for her wonderful contribution to Term 4.

Mr McInerney is leaving to take up the Assistant Principal position at the Lake Primary School.  We thank him for his many years’ service to our school in the 5/6 Department. We wish him and his family all the best.

Miss Barnes is leaving to pursue teaching at another school and we wish her all the very best.  Her work as a Graduate in our school has showed that her skills for teaching are immense and we wish her all the very best for the future.

Miss Hill has just recently commenced maternity leave and is looking forward to her second child in the coming weeks.  We wish her and her family all the best.

Mrs Cameron is leaving to commence maternity leave and we wish her and her husband all the very best with their new baby due very soon.  Mrs Cameron has been here for a number of years across several year levels.

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2016 School Concert

2016 School Concert

Thanks again to everyone involved in this years school concert. We hope you enjoy viewing the video that was captured on the night. We encourage you to share the links with your family and friends.

Introduction to the 2016 School Concert 
Introduction to the IPS school concert by Mr Garry Beer and School Captains Janel and Lachlan.

Room 2 – Santa Clause is Coming 
Madison and Jett introduce Room 2 to the stage. Room 2 performs Santa Clause is Coming - Teacher: Mrs Cameron.

Room 10 – Jingle Bell Remix 
Madison and Jett introduce Room 10 to the stage. Room 10 performs Jingle Bells Remix - Teacher: Ms Barnes.

Room 7 – All I Want for Christmas 
Madison and Jett introduce Room 7 to the stage. Room 7 performs All I Want for Christmas - Teacher: Ms Chislett.

Room 9 – Santa Clause Is Coming to Town 
Kayla and Archer introduce Room 9 to the stage. Room 9 performs Santa Clause is Coming to Town - Teacher: Ms Hawkes and Mr Pettit.

Room 1 – Go Santa Go 
Kayla and Archer introduce Room 1 to the stage. Room 1 performs Go Santa Go - Teacher: Mrs Floramo and Mrs Bruhn.

Room 4 – Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree 
Kayla and Archer introduce Room 4 to the stage. Room 4 performs Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - Teacher: Ms Melsen.

Room 12 – Jingle Bell Rock 
Kayla and Archer introduce Room 12 to the stage. Room 12 performs Jingle Bell Rock - Teacher: Mrs Baird.

Choir - Dear Santa 
Mr Beer introduces the school Choir. The Choir performs Dear Santa: Mrs Cornwall, Ms Barnes and Ms Hawkes.

Choir - Santa Wear Your Shorts 
The Choir performs Santa Wear your Shorts: Mrs Cornwall, Ms Barnes and Ms Hawkes.

Room 6 – Jingle Bells 
Josh and Nikita introduce Room 6 to the stage. Room 6 performs Jingle Bells - Teacher: Mrs Birch and Mrs Leslie.

Room 15 – I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas 
Josh and Nikita introduce Room 15 to the stage. Room 15 performs I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas - Teacher: Mrs Scholz.

Room 8 – 12 Days of Christmas 
Josh and Nikita introduce Room 8 to the stage. Room 8 performs 12 Days of Christmas - Teacher: Mr McInerney.

Room 14 – National Lampoons Xmas Vacation 
Josh and Nikita introduce Room 14 to the stage. Room 14 performs National Lampoons Xmas Vacation - Teacher: Mrs Cornwall and Mrs Lowe.

Room 13 – Deck the Halls 
Janel and Lachlan introduce Room 13 to the stage. Room 13 performs Deck the Halls - Teacher: Mr Thompson.

Room 5 – Aussie Jingle Bells 
Janel and Lachlan introduce Room 5 to the stage. Room 5 performs Aussie Jingle Bells - Teacher: Mrs Brown.

Room 11- Winter Wonderland 
Lachlan and Janel introduce Room 11 to the stage. Room 11 performs Winter Wonderland - Teacher: Mr Baker.

Grade 6 Dance – Pump It 
For the final time, Irymple Primary School Grade 6 students, class of 2016.

Photos will be here soon!

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Grade 5 Camp

Thank you again to all the staff who attended the Year 5 camp at Lake Cullulleraine and the high level of student participation.   The student’s behaviour was generally very good for the whole 5 days away.  For staff, it is a whole week away from their own partners and often young families as well.  Camp attendance is a real privilege!  Thank you to Mr Baker for organising the Camp.

IMG 0248
IMG 0252
IMG 0259
IMG 0261
IMG 0262
IMG 0264
IMG 0265
IMG 0266
IMG 0267
IMG 0270
IMG 0273
IMG 0279
IMG 0282
IMG 0297
IMG 0299
IMG 0307
IMG 0308
IMG 0312
IMG 0313
IMG 0317
IMG 0324
IMG 0326
IMG 0338
IMG 0341
IMG 0342
IMG 0348
IMG 0365
IMG 0370
IMG 0373
IMG 0375
IMG 0380
IMG 0409
IMG 0413
IMG 0427
IMG 0428
IMG 0439
IMG 0472
IMG 0479
IMG 0483
IMG 0485
IMG 0496
IMG 0499
IMG 0501
IMG 0518
IMG 0520
IMG 0536

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